Povydří nature trail

The romantic valley of the river Vydra, flowing through the Šumava National Park, is definitely famous for many of you by its charm. Its section with a boulder bed or the famous Čeňkova pila is famous - and it is here that the Povydří nature trail begins. Just a short distance away, the Otter flows down the Křemelná river and turns into the Otava.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Antýgl-parking
GPS: 49.10992190, 13.49308280
Povydří nature trail map

Interesting facts Povydří nature trail

Where does the trail lead?

From the whole of Šumava, Povydří is known as the most beautiful place and the nature trail passes through this natural splendor: the valley of the Vydra river, which is overgrown with deep forests and mostly along a very convenient path, which used to be used to harvest wood. The river is almost all the way to tourists within reach.

It is very beautiful to watch how the originally calm flow of the river suddenly turns into a wild canyon with a large number of boulders ground with water. The river is looking for a way between them and creating rapids. You may also be surprised that the color of the water of the Otter River is rusty. This is caused by several streams that flow out of the peat bogs and then flow into the Otter.

As already mentioned, the beginning of the Povydří nature trail is at Čeňkova pila and in the middle you will come across Turner's cottage, where it is possible to have a snack. The entire length of the nature trail is intended for pedestrians and cyclists are not allowed on it. The end of the trail is near the road bridge in front of Antýgl, which is about 200 from the trail, and where it is also possible to have a snack. The total length of the trail is about 7 km and you will come across 7 stops with information boards.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová