Nature trail Kokotské rybníky

Since June 2010, the landscape of Kokotské rybníky has been connected by an educational trail, informing tourists about their history and natural attractions in the area. It is a two-way trail, the beginning and end of which is in Bušovice or Dýšina, villages where bus transport runs regularly.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Bušovice
GPS: 49.79552140, 13.53465720
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Interesting facts Nature trail Kokotské rybníky

The village of Kokotsko used to be located in the places where Kokotské ponds can be found today. However, this is a history long past. The village disappeared in the Hussite period and today there are two ponds: Horní Kokotský and Dolní Kokotský. The trail stretches only not far from Pilsen and is ideal for walking and cycling. The whole circuit is about 9 km long and is intersected by eleven stops - information boards and rest areas.

The biggest attractions that you will come across during the walk are, of course, Kokotské ponds and in addition to them Čertův kámen and villas from the time of the First Republic. A pleasant resting place was built under the Kokotsko hill, where you can hide with your bikes from bad weather. The nature trail is also suitable for small children. At each information board, there are tasks, coloring books and small characters waiting for them, who tell children about life in the forest.

The Devil's Stone must be reached from the information board approximately 40 meters towards the forest, and from Čertova kamen the path continues along a forest path and is a bit more challenging. There is a path around Dolní Kokotský rybník, which is not completely technically undemanding, especially after rain. From the Kokotsko crossroads, however, the trail is of better quality and leads mainly through forest roads to the village of Bušovice, above which a very nice view of the whole village, which is even older than the West Bohemian metropolis of Pilsen.

If you would like to make your ride or a walk along the Kokotské rybníky nature trail special, you can go to one of the mayor's viewpoints, which are easily accessible from the trail.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová