Educational trail Vinořský park - Satalice

One of Prague's nature trails connects Vinořský Park and Satalice, ie two city districts at the northeastern edge of the capital. The wine park, where the nature trail begins, was originally a natural landscape park adjacent to the wine castle. It was an extensive waterlogged valley, whose natural boundary was sandstone rocks and at the same time it is also an archeological site, where there used to be a Slavic fortified settlement.

Information for visitors

Adress: Mladoboleslavská, Satalice
GPS: 50.13781170, 14.58464580
Educational trail Vinořský park - Satalice map

Interesting facts Educational trail Vinořský park - Satalice

Where does the trail lead?

The trail starts at the public transport bus stop called "Vinořský hřbitov", located on Mladoboleslavská Street, and ends at the "Satalická obora" public transport stop. It leads tourists along a yellow marked path and on the route there is also a blind turn, which leads to a well by the pond Velká Obůrka, and which is marked in red.

From Vinořský park, an old alley leads to Satalická bažantnice, which originally belonged to the wine estate and connected to Vinořský park. Today, Satalická bažantnice has the character of a relatively large forest complex and is a protected natural monument.

1st stop - Malá and Velká obůrka - introductory information
2nd stop - Vinoř - In Podskalí - about the origin of the name Vinoř, the origin of the village and the first mention
3rd stop - U Pohanků - habitat of stagnant waters and their functions
4th stop - U Kamenného stole - floodplain forest biotope and pond U Kamenného stole
5th stop - Pod hradištěm - Slavic fortified settlement, prehistoric settlement and non-native plant species in the Czech Republic
6th stop - At the crossroads - protected areas Vinoř and Satalice
7th stop - In the alley - baroque landscape, explanation of the concept of baroque and the spirit of the place
8th stop - Bažantnice in Satalice - nature reserve, its proclamation, history and present
9th stop - Satalice - about the origin of the name and history

The nature of the trail

During the walk you will not encounter any significant elevation gain, the path leads through the forest, city streets or roads and can be described as undemanding. It is about 3.5 km long and tourists can expect a total of 9 stops not only with information, but also with tasks and various attractions.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová