Milíčov Forest educational trail

Since 2011, the Milíčov Forest Nature Trail in Prague has been in operation, which is intended to cater especially to the younger generations, and which is conceived relatively untraditionally. Information about the natural attractions, history of this place and cultural attractions is presented to tourists through interactive content.

Information for visitors

Adress: Ujezd, Praha-Újezd
GPS: 50.02118220, 14.53853280
Milíčov Forest educational trail map

Interesting facts Milíčov Forest educational trail

Nature trail a little different

The Milíčov Forest nature trail is also special in that it has no fixed route, however, it can be described as undemanding anyway, almost without elevation gain, leading along viable and quality paths. The most difficult terrain is probably in the section from Milíčovský rybník around the Vrah and Homolka ponds, where tourists have to walk only on narrow paths trampled in the grass. There are playgrounds, benches or gazebos in many places.

Tourists on the nature trail will of course be surprised by the fact that there are no classic information boards, as we are usually used to on nature trails. Information is provided to tourists at individual stops through so-called taglists, plastic cards, on which there are two types of patterns: QR code and beetag. These figures are the source of information and the code, which is hidden in the pictures, provides a link to a website from which tourists can learn all the necessary information about this place and the trail.

In order to be able to read the information, you must, of course, have a mobile phone with the possibility of connecting to the Internet and installing the appropriate application, thanks to which it is possible to decrypt these codes.

Each of the cards also contains instructions for use and links where you can download the application. Websites on which you can find information can be visited without a mobile phone, classically with a computer connection.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová