Hopsarium České Budějovice

Just a name that promises guaranteed fun for children certainly doesn't have to discourage adults! The total area of ​​2,100 m2, with its numerous and especially various attractions, promises great entertainment for adults accompanied by children. A climbing tower, something about eight meters high, a giant slide or maxi trampolines just have to wake up the child's soul even in multiple parents!


Information for visitors

Adress: Vrbenská 2290, České Budějovice
GPS: 48.97519420, 14.49816810
Hopsarium České Budějovice map

Interesting facts Hopsarium České Budějovice

The hopsarium is the work of husband and wife Michal and Petra Sojková, who built it in České Budějovice, and who were actually inspired to do so by their daughter, because they were looking for a place where they could spend their free time with her.

In the modern game room there is, for example, the mentioned eight-meter tower with climbing frames and slides, a climbing wall with obstacles, maxi trampolines, but also an area for ball games, downhill riding on inflatable rings or a giant traffic playground with traffic lights and a gas station. No less fun is the cannon for foam balls or a boat swinging directly on the waves. Most attractions are also designed so that parents can try it out for themselves. The safety of children and adults is ensured by nets and railings. The playground area may only be entered in socks and everything is kept completely clean.

There is also a restaurant with snacks, coffee or fresh desserts in the Hopsária complex.

The hopsarium is located on Vrbenská Street in České Budějovice and is open daily and in any weather.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová