Karlův Hrádek (ruins)

Come with us along the red tourist sign leading from České Budějovice, you will walk to the romantic ruins of a Gothic hunting castle. The road leads along the Vltava through beautiful nature, deep deciduous forests.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Hluboká nad Vltavou
GPS: 49.11143610, 14.46020610
Karlův Hrádek (ruins) map

Interesting facts Karlův Hrádek (ruins)

Charles Castle was founded by King Charles IV. in the 14th century. It belonged to the castle Hluboká nad Vltavou and was intended primarily for hunting events. It was abandoned and burned during the Hussite wars. It then fell into disrepair and turned into a ruin. The perimeter walls with the passage of the gate, the remains of the living rooms around the courtyard and the chapel have been preserved. Charles Castle is completely overgrown with forest. Since 2006, there is a new bridge over the castle moat, which greatly facilitates the accessibility of the ruins.

The building had a triangular floor plan and was followed by a fort with economic facilities. It was separated by a deep moat, over which led a drawbridge. The castle courtyard was surrounded by one-storey buildings and a chapel, which was probably vaulted with a cross vault. The castle was probably of the towerless type.

There are several legends related to the ruins and they are all about treasure. In one, a poor woman notices ducats that are scattered around. She takes on a full apron, but notices a gray little man shouting behind her, carrying only the chickens. When a woman looks, she sees that it really is. He angrily empties the apron, but at home he finds one sunken ducat behind the ribbon. Another legend tells of a cellar full of wine barrels. But they are guarded by a huge angry black dog.

Near Charles Castle you can visit the castle Hluboká nad Vltavou, the hunting castle Ohrada, the monument to Záviš of Falknštejn, the church of St. John of Nepomuk and many other monuments that this region is rich in. Animal lovers can visit the zoo or Dvůr Vondrov, which is famous for horse breeding. From June to September you can swim in a modern swimming pool in nearby Podskalí. The swimming pool area also offers tennis and volleyball courts, golf and football fields and accommodation.

Author: Marie Bukovinská