Castle ruins Pořešín

You should definitely not miss the ruins of the castle near the town of Kaplice. The access road itself will enchant every tourist - the forested landscape, the bends of the river Malše and the rock itself, on which the ruins are located, will delight the eyes and soul. Among the castles in South Bohemia, Pořešín is a unique peculiarity. The defensive system of South Bohemian castles was a residential tower with surrounding buildings, but Pořešín has a defensive wall, fortifications and moats, which was typical at that time especially for Moravian castles.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Kaplice
GPS: 48.77519420, 14.51095310
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Interesting facts Castle ruins Pořešín

Association of Castles in Malša
The current owner of the castle is the association Hrady na Malši. It primarily seeks to keep the castle accessible to the public. Repairs preserve the castle and archaeological research is also carried out. You can see part of the walls, a piece of the palace and the side walls. You will not find large numbers of expeditions and souvenir stalls here. Pořešín has retained its original abandonment and romance of ancient times. You can also enjoy it at various events, when the castle is lit with lights and candles - for example, theater performances, concerts or various performances.

A ruin since the 15th century
The castle was built at the end of the 13th century by Bavaria of Strakonice. Soon, however, the owners began to change at the castle, until in 1434 the castle was bought by Oldřich of Rožmberk, who decided to demolish it because he feared the occupation of the castle by the Hussites. Since then, the castle has fallen into disrepair and has never been inhabited again. The original palace was two-storey, with a wooden porch. A square tower stood in the walls. Today, the remains of the ruins are overgrown with forest.

Cursed lady, black dog and treasure
Are you attracted to the treasure hunt? Pořešín is an ideal place. It is said that the cursed lady lives in the castle. She can be freed by one who strikes a black dog with a cane, who guards the castle treasure. The robber knight from Pořešín is also waiting for deliverance. After the knight has been beheaded at the Bloody Bowl boulder, his spirit must go around the remains of the castle and hope that someone will set him free and obtain the castle treasure.

Author: Helena Syslová