Foxpark in Lipno - winter trip with children

Lipno is a very popular destination. Here you will find everything, in summer hiking trails or bike paths and bike paths for bike enthusiasts. In winter, cross-country trails, ski slopes or a children's area. It is called Foxpark Captain Lipánek and your family will certainly have a lot of fun in it. That you don't know him? Come and see.

Foxpark in Lipno - winter trip with children Foxpark in Lipno - winter trip with children Foxpark in Lipno - winter trip with children Foxpark in Lipno - winter trip with children Foxpark in Lipno - winter trip with children Foxpark in Lipno - winter trip with children

Information for visitors

Adress: Lipno nad Vltavou 307, Lipno nad Vltavou
GPS: 48.64376000, 14.22117830
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Interesting facts Foxpark in Lipno - winter trip with children

What is Foxpark and where is it located?

It is a children's ski playground where children can learn to ski. The park will provide them with great fun and will make the whole skiing lesson much easier. Captain Lipánek's Foxpark is located in the Lipno Kramolín Ski Resort. You can get to it comfortably by your own car, you will be able to park directly in the area in a reserved parking lot.

A ski bus can also take you from České Budějovice to the Lipno Ski Area. The ski buses run when the ski resort is open. They go through Český Krumlov, Kájov, Černá v Pošumaví, Frymburk.

What does Captain Lipánek's Foxpark offer to small (and large) skiers?

Especially together with Skischool Lipno Park, the largest area intended for skiing lessons in the Czech Republic. The environment is directly designed for families with children.

In Captain Lipánek's Foxpark you will find:

- three mobile carpets for the exit to the slope
- various underpasses, tunnels, slalom tracks with animals or inspired by fairy tales - bouncy castle
- carousel for kids
- a children's corner, which is heated
- characters of Captain Lipánek and Fox Fox, which move around Foxpark
- Various themed fun and competition afternoons for children
- qualified skiing instructors with an individual approach to each

Who does Skischool Lipno Park serve?

This park is used mainly for teaching skiing to adults and for snowboarding. It is reserved only for the activities of Skischool Lipno and its clients. Here you will find one mobile carpet for transporting skiers up the slope and various state-of-the-art teaching aids.

Can we ski with the kids in Foxpark in the evening?

Yes you can. Foxpark is equipped with evening lighting.

Do children have to have their own ski equipment?

Not at all. Nearby is a ski rental, where you can lend everything you need. So you can come really without anything.

Is it also possible to eat and drink somewhere?

Yes. In the area you will find several smaller stalls with refreshments, as well as a grocery store and a spacious restaurant suitable for children.

For how old children is Captain Lipánek's Foxpark intended?

Children from the age of 3 can learn to ski here. Instructors are trained and used to small and large children, as well as adult education.

Everyone, young and old, will definitely find fun here. And everyone can learn to ski here as well. So if you are looking for a place where you will be able to learn skiing with your children in peace and at the same time in a fun way, we definitely recommend Captain Lipánek's Foxpark.


Author: Pavlína Šustrová