Louzek (ruin)

How do you like the ruins? They breathe a certain mystery and take their breath away. Look forward to it, and the ruins of Louzek Castle will awaken special feelings in you during a close encounter of a historical kind. Louzek Castle was once built at the end of the 13th and the beginning of the 14th century on a promontory between the stream and the river Malší. The first owners became Jan and Hroch the Younger from Maršovice, followed by Jan from Malovice, Oldřich from Rožmberk.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Bujanov
GPS: 48.70918890, 14.47915780
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Interesting facts Louzek (ruin)

From the beginning, the castle was built quite simply and the seat of the nobles was not very large. It was a building with a tower, a stone wall around the perimeter and a partially wooden residential palace. During the fourteenth century, the wooden palace was rebuilt into a brick one, the living space was expanded and the tower was also strengthened.

From 1541, Louzek was described as desolate and long before that time no one inhabited it. The building was used by people from the area to dismantle the stone to use it to build their homes. At present, the castle is owned by Lesy České republiky and, together with the Hrady na Malši movement, it is trying to save what has remained of the building to this day.

You will also find the name of the castle "Loužek". If you want to go for the remains of a protected cultural monument of our country, drive to the district of Český Krumlov. Take the train to the Bujanov railway station and take the yellow tourist route for the next three kilometers. The area of ​​the ruins is freely accessible and quite overgrown during the warmer period of the year. During your visit, you will see the remains of a fortified fort with ramparts and ditches on the north and west sides. Remains of a large tower and palace remain to be seen from the castle buildings. If you like this region, take a trip to Bujanov, where they have the Museum of the horse-drawn railway, or to the ruins of the castle Pořešín, located near the town of Kaplice. The castle is close to the E55 and can be reached easily enough. But definitely do not be afraid of traffic, you will find a quiet environment here.

Author: Petra Nachtmanová