Borotín (ruins)

Head to a place that is perfect for eternal romantics and dreamers, to a ruin entwined with haunting superstitions that may or may not be based on truth. Give it a try and see.

Information for visitors

Adress: Borotín 34, Borotín
GPS: 49.49961110, 14.62901720
Borotín (ruins) map

Interesting facts Borotín (ruins)

Originally a Gothic castle, dating from the 14th century, you can now admire it almost in a dilapidated state, which, however, loses nothing of its impressive beauty, on the contrary. The stone masonry eroded by the ravages of time looks down with dignity on the surface of the Starozámecký pond and everything is completed by the dark wall of the surrounding forests.

Borotín is also known as the Old Castle, but today only part of the gate can be seen, along with the palace and two watchtowers. At the time, it was one of the most resistant buildings to raids by close families, who claimed it. In the 17th century, however, it burned down and then remained completely abandoned.

Borotín also appeared in the famous Czech fairy tale Honza, almost a king. The poet Karel Hynek Mácha also fell in love with him for his extraordinary beauty, and he did not hesitate to visit him.

Myths, superstitions and scary stories

One of the many superstitions says that a light warns of the impending catastrophe still appears above the castle ruins.
The veil of the White Lady, who regularly appears on the stone walls of Borotín, again refers to a murdered girl who was forced to marry an unloved man. Nevertheless, she met with her true love and is still secretly waiting here for her chosen one.

Author: Lenka Zelnitiusová