Janův Hrad (artificial ruin)

The ruins were usually created by the decay of abandoned castles, but there are exceptions that have already been built in this way. Does it seem so strange to you that you don't believe it? Drive to Lednice, where you will see for yourself. At the end of the Lednice chateau park there is an artificial ruin called Janův hrad, which is surrounded on three sides by the river Dyje.

Information for visitors

Adress: Státní hrad Janohrad, Lednice na Moravě
GPS: 48.80461610, 16.83234220
Janův Hrad (artificial ruin) map

Interesting facts Janův Hrad (artificial ruin)

At the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, owning the ruins of a castle was a very fashionable affair, so of course the rich and respected Liechtenstein family, the owners of the estate in the Lednice-Valtice area, could not be left out. But what if there are no suitable ruins in the area? When there is enough money, it is not a problem to have it built. This is exactly what Alois I Josef, Prince of Liechtenstein, decided to do, and in 1801 Josef Hardmuth, the court architect of the family, began construction according to generous plans. Four years later, however, the count died and this construction was completed by his younger brother Jan I. Josef, but for austerity reasons in a somewhat more modest form.

The ruins consist of four corner towers, each with a different floor plan. On three sides, these towers are connected only by perimeter walls, around which the galleries on the first floor lead, from the south to the west tower it is possible to cross the gallery. The fourth side consists of a chateau, on its first floor there is the Knight's Hall and in the towers there are lounges. There is also a third floor on the south tower, which serves as a lookout.

Jan's castle was built near the hunting ground and not by chance. It served just as a hunting lodge, the manor gathered before the hunt and the last lions took place here, opulent feasts at which the King of the Hunt was proclaimed.

You can see Janohrad, as it is also called, during the opening hours from April to October, sometimes cultural events take place here, but there is also the possibility of organizing weddings. You can get here either by car, parking is at the castle, or on foot, in the season also by boat or carriage with horses from Lednice castle.

Author: Martina Limbergová