Wikyland Brno

Wikyland, an entertainment center for children, which was relatively recently opened in Brno, offers families with children a whole range of attractions, entertainment, a huge playground and an interesting concept.

Information for visitors

Adress: Svratecká 845, Modřice
GPS: 49.13258500, 16.63524560
Wikyland Brno map

Interesting facts Wikyland Brno

Wikyland amusement park, designed primarily for children from 2 years of age, can be found in Brno - Modřice, on Svratecká Street. The building with the inscription WIKYLAND is not immediately visible from the main road, so it is good to stick to the main landmark - the Olympia shopping center and especially Sconta - the furniture next to which Wikyland stands. You can easily combine his visit as a trip with children with a trip to the nearby Olympia Parkway.

What can you find in WIKYLAND?

Wikyland's play area is 2,000 m2 and is, of course, designed and equipped especially for children, with whom adults can also come and play with them. The vast majority of attractions are adapted to them.

Wikyland offers children a range of trampolines with plenty of space for more children at once, as well as various inflatable attractions, a climbing wall, a rodeo bull, toboggans with ball jumps, many slides, climbing frames, tricycles and toy cars, a pirate ship and many others.

Parents and accompanying children

As already mentioned, an adult escort can also enter Wikyland with children, who have two options: either pay the entrance fee and enter the playground directly with their children, or have free entrance fees, but stay only in the space reserved for escorts and parents. . This is, for example, a quiet zone in a restaurant with WiFi connection and sockets, for example for PC connection. If you have small children who need an escort, but at the same time you want to enjoy a moment of peace, you can entrust your children to trained staff who will take care of your child.

What's in Wikyland besides the playing field?

In Wikyland you will also find a café, fast food and a restaurant with a daily menu, pizza or a delicious steak. There are also two shops - a toy store and a shop with children's shoes and clothes.

Personal evaluation

For myself, I have to appreciate the "first aid", which is always at hand. I caused minor injuries to one of the slides through my own fault, which the staff immediately treated. The attractions are very fun, well designed and in addition to children, adults will also enjoy a lot of fun. The Wikyland outdoor playground is said to be open soon.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová