Cornštejn Castle

The high rock on which the remains of the stone walls rise, the river valley deep below them, the beautiful landscape around, all this is offered by the ruins of the Liechtenstein castle Cornštejn, one of the most romantic places in South Moravia. It is located on a rocky promontory above part of the banks of the Vranov dam, about 8 km from the town of Vranov nad Dyjí and 1.5 km from the castle Bítov. The river Dyje flows around this promontory from three sides and there is a beautiful view from above. And the castle is not just any ruin, its size is really respectable.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Bítov
GPS: 48.93411690, 15.71534580
Cornštejn Castle map

Interesting facts Cornštejn Castle

Cornštejn Castle was built in the 1920s by the Bítovský family from Lichtenburg, specifically by the powerful nobleman Rajmund of Lichtenburg. Its main purpose was to strengthen the defense of nearby Bítov. But Rajmund also needed another seat for his large family. In the middle of the 14th century, a dispute arose over Cornštejn between the Lichtenburgs and the lords of Hradec, but the Lichtenburgs defended their estate. Three-quarters of a century later, the Hussites tried to conquer the castle, but without success. Shortly afterwards, the castle experienced its greatest prosperity under Jan of Lichtenburg and Cornštejn. However, his son Hynek lost the castle in 1465 when King George of Poděbrady confiscated it from him. Two years earlier, Hynek had refused to swear allegiance to him and, with the support of the pope, declared an open rebellion to the king. Because of this, he had the castle besieged, but even after less than a year, the troops did not manage to conquer it by force. But the crew of the castle was already so hungry that she gave up on her own.

George of Poděbrady donated the confiscated castle to the Krajířs of Krajek, but they had constant disputes with the Lichtenburks of Bítov, so in 1530 they preferred to sell Cornštejn to the Lichtenburgs. However, he did not remain in their possession again for long, because in 1576 their family eventually became extinct. The castle was then bought by the Strejnov family from Švarcenava, but they soon stopped maintaining it. Forty years later, it was taken over by the Jankov family from Vlašim, but at that time, more precisely in 1617, the castle was already declared desolate. The owners changed here several more times until 1945, when the castle was nationalized. In the years 1973-1979, a very insensitive reconstruction was carried out, which preserved the dilapidated parts of the castle, but at the same time changed their character. Fortunately, however, it was not completely completed and Cornštejn came under the administration of the South Moravian Museum in Znojmo. In the years 1998-1999, the necessary remediation work and securing of the untouched parts of the castle took place so that it could be opened to the public for the first time.

Several entrance gates, the walls of the palace, a bastion with an advanced tower, a well and a rainwater tank and especially the massive fortifications, which were built mainly under the administration of the Krajíř family, have been preserved from the original castle. During the 45-minute tour, the guide will tell you everything important and interesting about the history of this castle, and at the same time you will enjoy amazing views of the valley.

Author: Martina Limbergová