Nový Hrádek (ruins)

Come with us southeast from the city of Znojmo to the ruins of Nový Hrádek. It is originally a hunting lodge, built sometime in the mid-14th century. the building consists of two parts - the older Gothic part and the front part, which was built from the 15th century. the ruins will get you with their power, rising on a promontory near the river Dyje and it is located about 2.5 km from the village Lukov.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Lukov
GPS: 48.83708580, 15.90555810
Nový Hrádek (ruins) map

Interesting facts Nový Hrádek (ruins)

Indirect findings showed that Nový Hrádek was founded by the Moravian Margrave Jan Jindřich, but his heir became indebted and sold the castle to Přech of Kojetice in 1403. Around 1419, the castle passed to the Austrian lord Oswald of Eytzing due to his inheritance, and during the reign of this family, the castle gained its final size. Other owners included the lords of Kunštát, Krajířová of Krajek and Dietrichštejn.

The construction development of the castle complex was interrupted by the Thirty Years' War, when in 1645 the Swedes entered the castle and demolished it. The older part has not been restored and has remained in ruins. The owners used the front castle as a hunting summer residence. During the 19th century, a gamekeeper's lodge was built in the forecourt, but it is currently in ruins. In the Margrave's Castle, water tanks were carved into the rock.

The twentieth century was marked by repairs. In 1992, the front of the forearm was repaired and four years later the barrel vault in the western palace collapsed.

You can get to the castle from the village on a tourist marked path. Accessibility of the area is ensured during the given opening hours. During the tour you will look at the outdoor area, the castle moat, castle premises and the remains of residential buildings inside. In the entrance you will see a monument to scouts who fell in World War II. You can get to the castle through a moat over a bridge. From Nový Hrádek there is a beautiful view of the valley of the river Dyje.

After the tour, extend the trip and visit, for example, Znojmo with many monuments, the ruins of the castle Lepikus or the castle and water reservoir in Jevišovice.

Author: Petra Nachtmanová