Andělská Hora - castle ruins

If you are attracted by the atmosphere of old times, romantic ruins and incredible views, then definitely do not miss a visit to the ruins of Andělská hora. Andělská hora is the dominant feature of the town of the same name, which lies less than 9 kilometers from Karlovy Vary.

Information for visitors

Adress: Andělská Hora 143, Andělská Hora
GPS: 50.20590310, 12.96420030
Andělská Hora - castle ruins map

Interesting facts Andělská Hora - castle ruins

The very first mention of the castle dates from 1402. On his estate was replaced by a number of owners who contributed to its prosperity. Thanks to the fact that Andělská hora stands on a rocky hill, it was never threatened by artillery. The only access road also helped to get invincible. During the Thirty Years' War, however, the castle was looted by the Swedes and the greatest damage was caused by a devastating fire in 1718, after which the castle became uninhabitable. The building is built of basalt stone, lining and other structures are sandstone.

Today, from the extensive ruins, you will have a breathtaking view of the surroundings. So stepping up is definitely worth it!

The ruins are freely accessible. If you are driving, park by the church in an unguarded car park, near which there is a well with supposedly healing water. Then follow the green hiking trail directly to the ruins. The road is not difficult, but be careful that no cycling routes lead to the ruins. If you travel by train, you must drive to Karlovy Vary and then by bus to Andělská Hora.


In 1786, the poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe and F. Schiller himself visited Andělská hora. The film Ballad for a Bandit was also shot here.

Author: Lenka Zelnitiusová