Pařez (ruin)

Pařez Rock Castle is currently experiencing probably the greatest glory of its entire existence. It is a very popular tourist place, which can be found on the northwestern edge of Prachovské rocks (towards the town of Jičín, only 8 kilometers away). Although the strong word is the designation of this place as a castle, because it is in fact a ruin, people love it for its romantic appearance, connection with robbers and the nice panorama it provides.

Information for visitors

Adress: Pařezská Lhota 64, 506 01 Holín
GPS: 50.47741560, 15.27591500
Pařez (ruin) map

Interesting facts Pařez (ruin)

The castle was probably built at the beginning of the 14th century in the Vladislav Gothic style. Unfortunately, the history of the castle was very short. Stump probably met a similarly sad coincidence, as did all the castles from this period in the area. They were destroyed by the Hussite army of Jan Žižka from Trocnov, which marched here and passed through, plundered, conquered and destroyed. Already in 1430, the castle was called a ruin. Then he was inhabited by robbers for a while, until finally he became completely orphaned. The use of Pařez can thus be almost counted on the fingers, it was used for only 70 years.

What is interesting about the rock castle?

Stump is also called Matouš's Castle or Goose Scissor. The castle was built on a sandstone rock, which is divided by a cleft, in which there was already a fissure, which allowed to climb to the top. Three living rooms are cut into the rock, as well as cellars for storing food. Some claim that a prison was also located here. At the very top, a palace was built, massive defensive walls that are noticeable to this day and a massive quadrangular tower. There is no source of water anywhere in the castle, however, it apparently should not have been a problem, because there are enough resources in the area and it is possible that the local castle lords from Pařez also used a nearby stream.

Access to the castle is easy, you can get here by following the green and red tourist signs. The red trail leads to the interior of the Prachovské rocks and the green one through the blue trail to Libuna. The castle is located between the villages of Pařezová Lhota and Blata, only 8 kilometers from Jičín and 3 kilometers from Libun.

Admission to the ruins is free.

Author: Adriana Dosedělová