The ruins of the castle Rýzmburk

Babiččino údolí in the Náchod region abounds not only with natural beauties with the river Úpa, Starý bělidl, Rudrový mlýn or the chateau, but also the remains of Rýzmburk Castle on a marl plateau on the left bank of the river. It was founded in 1319 by Albert of Rýzmburk, who, together with King Jan of Luxembourg, fell in 1346 at the Battle of Kresčak.

The ruins of the castle Rýzmburk The ruins of the castle Rýzmburk The ruins of the castle Rýzmburk The ruins of the castle Rýzmburk

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Adress: Hradní, Osek
GPS: 50.43282190, 16.04563580
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Interesting facts The ruins of the castle Rýzmburk

One of the other owners was Oldřich and Arnošt Černčičtí, Jan Zajíc from Házmburk, Jan from Pernštejn and Bernard Žehušický from Nestajov, during whose work in the 16th century the seat reached its full peak in terms of appearance and overall social and political significance.
After the residence of several other people who headed the manor in the following decades, the dark period came. A period which, for the vast majority of royal residences, meant the destruction and theft of interior equipment. It was an invasion of the Swedes, their raids also ended the existence of the mentioned castle. Gradually, the life of the homestead ended, until its complete collapse. This happened at the beginning of the 18th century, when a nearby Ratibořice chateau was built. At that time, the stone from the demolished castle was used to build this building.

The splendor of the last stop on the path leading through Babiččina údolí was restored by the Duke of Curonia, who built a beautiful gazebo in 1798 in the immediate vicinity of the ruins. The view from here into the valley is a unique experience. The gazebo also became part of the scene of the Princess's meeting with her grandmother, Barunka and other Prošek's children in Moskaly's famous film Grandmother.

Author: Marcela Horká, Vlastimil Hloupý