Lichnice Castle ruins

Do you like to walk through mountainous areas? Go to the Iron Mountains, where you will be attracted by the ruins of the Lichnice castle, built at an altitude of 480 m. The construction of the original castle was provided by the Ronovci. Smil from Zittau had a castle built on the Světlice hill and first named it Lichtenburg. The current name Lichnice began to be used during the 16th century.

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Adress: Podhradí, Třemošnice
GPS: 49.87902190, 15.58584720
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Interesting facts Lichnice Castle ruins

The castle had a convenient location and protection was provided by the slope to the Peklo valley and from the other side by a steep slope leading to the gorge around the Lovětín brook. By the way, this stream contains large stones, called Iron Mountain crystalline rocks. The emphasis on the fortifications had to be placed only on the eastern side, where ramparts and ditches were established. The protection was also provided by a round tower with a diameter of twelve meters. The tower was also inhabited, but the main living space became the castle palace at the seven-meter-wide wall.

Lichnice soon became a royal castle. In 1333, the castle was acquired by King John of Luxembourg and his son Charles IV. in 1350 he began to take it as part of the crown property. As a royal castle, it was not allowed to be pledged and from 1377 it was assigned to the dowry of Czech queens.

An important period for the castle was the time after 1490, when the manor was acquired by the Trčková family from Lípa. The castle was developing at this time, being repaired, a new building in the late Gothic style was built and the Trček family created a comfortable place to live.

The decline of the castle started after the owners moved to another estate. In addition, the castle burned down in 1610 and was destroyed by Emperor Ferdinand II. and at his command the walls were broken. In the 18th and 19th centuries, people from the area turned it into a source of building materials.

The rescue work of the castle began after 1933 in the possession of the Club of Czechoslovak Tourists. In summer, you can take a guided tour of Lichnice and come across various cultural events here. Not far below the castle grows a memorable Žižek's oak and you can admire the artwork in the carving gallery of Josef Cyprián.

Author: Petra Nachtmanová