Radyně Castle

After tasting Pilsner beer, a small trip will certainly come in handy. Take a visit to the ruins of Radyně Castle, which rises above Starý Plzenec and from where there is a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside. The castle is an example of Gothic architecture from the Luxembourg period and its architectural style was not affected by building modifications. Access to the castle is convenient, after the tour you can sit in the restaurant or outdoor garden.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Starý Plzenec
GPS: 49.68007190, 13.46824390
Radyně Castle map

Interesting facts Radyně Castle

Visit the fairytale exhibition
You can see the ruins of the castle from a wide area. When you climb to the top of the tower, you will see Pilsen and Přimda Castle in the distance, and in the clear weather also Šumava. The building itself consists of a residential palace with two towers, a courtyard and fortifications. In the tower of the ruins you can get acquainted with the history of Starý Plzenec from prehistory to the present. If you visit Radyna with children, you will certainly see the audiovisual exhibition of fairy-tale creatures from the castle legends.

Charles IV. wanted Karlskrone Castle
If you are interested in Luxembourg, the ruins of Radyně will remind you of their reign all the time. Charles IV. he had the castle built to protect the village of Starý Plzenec. He called the building Karlskrone, but the name was not taken and everyone called the castle Radyně, according to the hill on which it stands. In the following years, the owners of the castle unfortunately changed frequently, the castle was used as a pledge. Radyně was destroyed by fire several times, most recently in the 16th century, and has since fallen into disrepair. At present, it is owned by Starý Plzenec and the castle is gradually being reconstructed as a tourist attraction.

Radyňský Bluebeard
Surely you remember the haunting legend of the Bluebeard killing his wives. The mythical castle lord Radouš ​​was an ugly man who married six times and always killed his wife and child and threw them in the cellar. He took revenge for the fact that the children were as ugly as he was. When he married for the seventh time, his wife discovered the bodies of his previous wives and betrayed Radouš. Another variant of the legend says that Radouš ​​was afraid of a storm and during one of the storms the castle tower fell on him. Since then, it is said that Radouš ​​has been haunting Radyně.

Author: Helena Syslová