Vlčtejn (ruins)

Are you interested in the time of Charles IV? Want to see what a small typical gothic castle looks like? Then be sure not to miss the ruins of Vlčtejn Castle. The ruins stand on a rock and ascend to it by an iron staircase. There is a palace on the rock, and farm buildings at the bottom. Where there is no steep rock, the walls stood and their remains have been preserved to this day. The whole fort was protected by a moat and a double embankment. There was a small gate.

Information for visitors

Adress: Vlčtejn 25, Vlčtejn
GPS: 49.61433890, 13.49530610
Vlčtejn (ruins) map

Interesting facts Vlčtejn (ruins)

The castle is also known as Wildstein
You can see a small courtyard and just behind it a palace with one floor. The palace was composed of two parts and was not really big - about 20 m long and 9 m wide. It is an example of the construction of a smaller aristocratic castle, where the palace serves as a residential and defensive building. The ruins are freely accessible, you can stay there for any length of time and let your imagination run wild while imagining historical events.

Kryštof Harant also lived in the castle
The castle was most probably built by the Rosenbergs. They acquired the manor in the 14th century. The castle was occupied by the Hussites, who stayed here for a long time, and an agreement was also signed between the Rosenberg party and George of Poděbrady. In the 17th century, Kryštof Harant from Polžice and Bezdružice lived in Vlčtejn. In the following period, the castle no longer suited the owners, it was not comfortable enough, and therefore they stopped inhabiting it. The castle gradually fell into disrepair and was even used as a building material. In the 19th century, an attempt was made to restore it, but the castle was abandoned again and definitely turned into a ruin.

The legend clarifies the name Vlčtejn
Have you ever wondered where the castle got its special name? It is actually derived from wolves. There was a period in the history of the castle when there were many wolves and the castle lord ordered them to be caught in the ditches and spent. The Lord had a small son who was lost one day. A local woman confessed to the abduction, who led the little boy into the forest and left him there. The Lord was looking for a son, but he was afraid that the boy had frozen or that the wolves had torn him apart. However, when they found an uninjured sleeping boy in the woods, they were very surprised. The boy then said that he had been rescued by a large dog that had protected and warmed him all night. In honor of this wolf, the castle was named Vlčtejn.

Author: Helena Syslová