Prague - by boat to the Troja Zoo

Prague is an amazing city. Whether you walk the streets, climb towers, travel by subway or sail through it. However, we must say that sailing is truly unrivaled and we have no doubt that it will appeal not only to you but also to your children. In Prague you will find countless docks, which offer various sightseeing cruises at different prices (usually quite a few). However, you will also find regular lines and ferries that provide a ride at a very reasonable price.

Prague - by boat to the Troja Zoo Prague - by boat to the Troja Zoo Prague - by boat to the Troja Zoo Prague - by boat to the Troja Zoo

Information for visitors

Adress: Dvořákovo nábřeží, Praha
GPS: 50.09189640, 14.41518360
Prague - by boat to the Troja Zoo map

Interesting facts Prague - by boat to the Troja Zoo

Prague ferries

Regular ferries depart at regular intervals on the following routes:

• Sedlec - Locks (and back)
• Podbaba - Podhoří (and back)
• Distillery - Dvorce - Žluté lázně (and back)
• Císařská louka - Výtoň - Anchorage (and back)
• Nádraží Modřany - Lahovičky (and back)

These ferries act as a ferry to the other side where there is not the best bridge connection. They are used not only by locals, but also by some more adventurous tourists. The great thing is that the usual entrance fees of Prague Integrated Transport apply here.

Prague Steamship Company

The Prague Steamship Company organizes various cruises. Here you can choose from several interesting trips, such as a cruise to Dresden, Slapy or maybe in the direction of Mělník. But there are also regular lines.

There could be an interesting line for your children to the Prague Zoo, where you can sail - it departs from Rašín embankment and the Na Františku marina. The line goes there and back at regular intervals. In total, the journey to the ZOO takes 75 minutes, and in addition to the individual fare, you can also buy a ticket for the whole family. The return ticket is even more advantageous. The journey from the Na Františku site is then shorter (it only takes 55 minutes), but no less interesting.


Author: Adriana Dosedělová