Henchmen's Hideout

Drábské světničky are the ruins of a rock castle located about 75 km north of Prague in the protected landscape area of Bohemian Paradise, where on seven, almost one hundred meters high isolated sandstone blocks connected by narrow iron bridges and steps, a wooden was built at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries. a fortress system, of which only rooms carved into the rock blocks, called rooms, which have served as reservoirs, have survived to this day. The people of that time also set up wooden dwellings in carved pockets of rock. The name of the Drab's living room was probably due to the Old Czech word claw with the meanings of carving, chopping and carving.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Mnichovo Hradiště
GPS: 50.53139670, 15.03178890
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Interesting facts Henchmen's Hideout

In ancient times, this "castle" served as a fortification, whose advantageous location and use of rock formations ensured the protection of its inhabitants for a long time. During the Thirty Years and during World War II, refugees and guerrillas sought safety in it.

As soon as you reach the foot of the rocks, an amazing ascent full of adventure up the iron or rock-carved stairs, crossing the iron bridges between the individual blocks or piercing the narrow rock gaps awaits you, ascending to the plateau itself, where you can look forward to a wonderful view to the Jizera valley from Mnichovo Hradiště via Bezděz to Ještěd.

If you decide to come by car, you can park without any problems on a small forest plateau behind the village DNEBOH, 4 km northeast of Mnichovo Hradiště, from which the trails lead directly to the destination. The nearest starting point for Drábské světničky is the village of Březina with a railway station, about 3 km away, from where you can take the yellow marked hiking trail to the Cold Passage, and then follow the red or blue path directly to the castle remains.