Mirakulum Park

One of the many places, ideal for a family afternoon and especially a trip with children, is the Mirakulum Park in Milovice. We will find it on the way between Benátky nad Jizerou and Nymburk and anyone can really have fun in it: the youngest and older children, including an adult companion!

Information for visitors

Adress: Topolová 629, Milovice
GPS: 50.23829640, 14.86149330
Mirakulum Park map

Interesting facts Mirakulum Park

The Mirakulum Park houses several dozen game elements, a forest nature trail and a mini zoo, all of which are suitably integrated into the surrounding greenery and in an original design.

Attractions in Mirakul

The dominant feature that cannot be overlooked in Mirakul is a wooden castle, reaching a height of up to ten meters, and equipped with suspension bridges, lookout towers or slides. There is also a courtyard for knightly fights and cultural events or refreshments from a nearby restaurant. Immediately below the castle are underground corridors for small explorers.

In the back of Mirakula is a mini zoo with a herd of donkeys, mini goats and sheep. It is possible to buy pet food on site.

The area also includes the Rope Center, which is one of the largest in the Czech Republic. The acacia structure is placed from 60 cm to 4.5 m above the ground and children move on ropes, wooden obstacles, net corridors, bridges, footbridges or climbing frames.

There is a large trampoline near the main entrance. There is another, smaller one in the country of Pigy's pig. This larger one measures 25 x 13 m and only small children are allowed on the smaller trampoline.

About in the middle of Mirakula are giant swings, placed at a height of 12 m and with a vibration of up to 20 m.

The forest of games then offers children an educational forest trail with game elements, so the walk is fun and educational for the little ones at the same time. An interesting attraction is the above-ground underground, providing a path from a height of 5 m to the underground corridors. There are two new water slides with a slide down to the underground corridors.

In addition, there are also Creative Workshops for children and adults, an oasis and water world, a sandpit, an amphitheater and many other interesting and fun elements.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová