Okoř Castle

Feel free to sing a well-known song with us: "There is a road to Okoř like none of the hundred is lined with trees, ..." What is the way really to Okoř? Definitely nice when you take family and friends with you. You can find the ruins in the village of the same name, or in its western part. A mysterious torso of a prismatic tower will peek at you from afar. You can take a closer look at the bastions, loopholes, the remains of the early Gothic chapel and the fortifications. You can walk the tour alone or with a guide.

Information for visitors

Adress: Pražská 142, Velké Přílepy
GPS: 50.16413810, 14.25531080
Okoř Castle map

Interesting facts Okoř Castle

The original castle was built sometime around the second half of the 13th century on a small rock, which was surrounded by the Zákolecký stream. The location in the valley between the fields was definitely not typical for that time. The original owner was a wealthy burgher František Rokycanský and his family lived here for almost fifty years. Then the castle was held by the townspeople from Prague and in 1421 it was seized by the Hussites. It was rebuilt during the first half of the 15th century.

The Thirty Years' War did not caress anything, and Okoř Castle did not turn out well. During this period it was very damaged and the new owners became the Jesuits from the Jesuit college of St. Clement. They adapted the castle premises to their needs. The Jesuit order was abolished in 1773 and the castle paid for this fact. The caretaker tore down the roofs and sold the acquired material.

The next period was not too easy for the castle either, around 1800 half of the big tower collapsed. In the 19th century, the poor made emergency housing in the ruins.

At present, Okoř is a place where many cultural and period events are held in the summer. You will see fencing groups, knights, and you can come here for a music festival. There is not only one road leading to Okoř, but various tourist and cycling signs meet here. A great hiking trip or cycling trip around the area will definitely come in handy in good weather. You can also take a walk in the village itself, for example around a pond.

Author: Petra Nachtmanová