Brumov (ruins)

Literally a few steps from the border with Slovakia, southeast of Zlín, is the town of Bylnice and the nearby ruins of Brumov Castle, originally built in the mid-13th century in the early Gothic style and one of the oldest castles in Moravia.

Information for visitors

Adress: Synkové čp. 942, Brumov-Bylnice
GPS: 49.09168220, 18.02003750
Brumov (ruins) map

Interesting facts Brumov (ruins)

The initiator of its construction was Bishop Bruno of Schaumburk and was originally intended to serve as an aristocratic stronghold against the border with Hungary, from where our territory was constantly threatened by raids by savage Kumans.

The castle was the center of the manor, the seat of the burgrave and royal property until the middle of the 14th century, when it was pledged and its owners then began to change frequently. Sigismund's troops besieged the castle several times during the Hussite wars, however, it was not until Matyáš Korvín who seized it, who pledged it to the Podmaníns in 1480. They then improved the fortifications and built fortifications in the castle grounds, thus imprinting Brum's fortress.

During the ownership of Meziříčské of Lomnice, Brumov Castle underwent a renaissance reconstruction, which was to ensure a comfortable living style. In 1621, however, the local castle was conquered and plundered by the Hungarian troops of Bethlen Gábor and local subjects who rebelled against the oppression of the nobility. After this event, Brumov quite often changed its owners, which often included Hungarian families.

In the following years, Brumov slowly fell into disrepair. During the 18th century it was still a guard castle, however, in 1760 it was severely damaged by fire and repairs were carried out only in a temporary spirit. Very soon after, practically no one stayed in it, and the then owners of the local estate had a chateau built in the town, or an office building, which they called a chateau.

The castle was not reconstructed until 1970 and lasted exactly 30 years, ie until 2000, when the ruins of Brumov Castle were opened to the public.

At present, the castle complex is divided into its own castle and fort. You will see the remains of the walls, two prismatic towers, one of which serves as an observation tower, as well as cellars, courtyards and ground floor. The castle premises are used to house an exhibition telling about the history of Brumov Castle. Since 2001, Brumov has been marked as a guard border point of the Wallachian Kingdom, and various cultural events take place in the ruins during the summer.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová