Piveček's forest park in Slavičín

Piveček's forest park is an extraordinary piece of forest, where children can play and adults can relax in the shade of trees, overlooking the soothing surface of the lake and in the company of beautiful wooden sculptures by volunteer artists. This interesting corner of the forest can be found at the end of the village Slavičín located about two tens of kilometers southeast of Zlín.

The history of the place is surprisingly long. The Pivečeks moved to Slavičín in the second half of the 19th century and founded a very prosperous shoe company there, which still functions here in a slightly different form. At the same time, this family wanted to be beneficial to the village and its employees, so in 1936 the idea for a relaxation zone arose, where each visitor could spend their free time pleasantly and gain strength. In 1940, the idea was completed. The children enjoyed playing here, it was also a popular place for picnics and dance parties and other social activities. In 1948, however, the forest park and the shoe factory were nationalized, and this piece of forest was abandoned. However, one of the descendants of Pivečky, son Jan, decided to restore this place in the 1990s with the help of volunteers. Gradually, the forest was cleared, the lost lake and paths were restored, and in time they were again filled with wooden sculptures by various authors, as was the case in the 1950s.

Information for visitors

Adress: K Parku Slavičín, Slavičín
GPS: 49.09590060, 17.86854330
Piveček's forest park in Slavičín map

Interesting facts Piveček's forest park in Slavičín

Today, Piveček's park attracts dozens of children and adults every day. Recently, a children's castle with a slide has been added, where children's imagination can be really blown away. There are no prohibitions or orders, children are free to play and climb wooden attractions as they like. Even adults will certainly like this interesting quiet corner. After all, it offers everything for them to return in their minds to their childhood.


Author: Martina Limbergová