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The area of southern Bohemia and the Třeboň region is a region of ponds and the town of Třeboň itself lies directly between the two of them. On one side it is the Svět pond, on the other Rožmberk and both are connected by the Třeboň flowing Zlatá stoka, which is a water channel that feeds most of the ponds in the Třeboň Basin.

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Adress: Žižkovo nám., Třeboň
GPS: 49.00394500, 14.76919940
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Interesting facts Spa Třeboň

The settlement on the site of today's Třeboň was founded sometime in the middle of the 12th century. At first it belonged to the Vítkovec family, in 1366 it was acquired by the Rožmberks and then Třeboň got its current name. The Rosenbergs owned the manor until 1611, when the last member of the family, the well-known Petr Vok of Rosenberg, died. The manor was then acquired by the Švamberks according to an earlier agreement, but they were soon confiscated along with other property due to their participation in the uprising, and they had to leave the Czech lands. In 1660, the Schwarzenbergs bought Třeboň and the entire estate, who managed this property until the end of World War I, when it was expropriated. In 1960, the town was then awarded the title of spa.

There are two spa houses today, Bertiny lázně and Lázně Aurora. Mined peat is used for the treatment, which is applied in the form of wraps or baths. The entire historic core of the city is a city monument reserve and offers many interesting objects. The center of this historic part is Masaryk Square with houses with arcades and Renaissance and Baroque gables. The dominant feature of the square is the building of the old town hall, where the exhibition hall and museum are now located. Other sights on this square include the Baroque Marian Column and the Renaissance stone fountain. The western part of the square passes freely into the castle grounds.

After Prague Castle and Český Krumlov Castle, Třeboň Castle is the third largest complex of this type in the entire Czech Republic. Its area is sufficiently evidenced by the number of rooms, which you would count more than a hundred. You can see the castle on three sightseeing routes. The beautiful castle park is also worth a visit.

In Třeboň, one of the oldest breweries in the world still produces beer. The local princely brewery Regent was founded in 1379 and is still very popular. This is a truly admirable tradition. Třeboň carp and other fish are also traditional, which, in addition to ponds, are kept in the fish farms of Rybářství Třeboň. After all, fishing for the Rožmberk pond once every two years is a great cultural event that visitors from the Czech Republic and abroad come to. However, Rožmberk is also the largest pond in the whole Czech Republic and, according to some sources, in the world. Around the Svět pond, the Nature Around the World nature trail leads again and is a popular place for recreation. You can walk only one kilometer from Masaryk Square to it. A kilometer southeast of the pond, in the Třeboň Park, stands the Schwarzenberg Tomb. It hides a total of 26 coffins of members of this family and is also a popular tourist destination.

In Třeboň and its surroundings you can find many more beautiful and interesting places that would also deserve attention. Just one day in this picturesque city will make you feel very little.

Author: Martina Limbergová