Liberec attracts its visitors not only with the Zoo and IQ Park, but also with other sights. The town can be found in a valley surrounded by the Lusatian and Jizera Mountains. There are great conditions for skiing all around. The Ještěd mountain (with a height of 1012 m) proudly rises above the town.

Information for visitors

Adress: nám Dr. E. Beneše, Liberec
GPS: 50.76929750, 15.05791500
Liberec map

Interesting facts Liberec

With a population of more than 100,000, the city is the fifth largest city in the Czech Republic. The history of the city of Liberec probably dates back to the 13th Century, when a settlement was established on the trade route to Lusatia. The first stone buildings were erected here in the 16th century. After the Battle of White Mountain, Albrecht of Wallenstein acquired the whole of Liberec, where he built an army cloth here. He also founded the so-called New Town in the area of ​​Sokolovské náměstí, which he had built up with half-timbered houses. The last three of these houses have been preserved and can be found in Větrná Street. However, the city experienced its most abundant period in the 18th century, when the textile industry developed here. This is what helped Liberec become a city in 1850. It must be said that it is more of a German city, because only 7% of Czechs lived here. After this time, a number of unique architectural monuments remained worth a visit. The architecture of Liberec is really breathtaking and it does not matter whether it is historical or modern architecture.

In fact, we do not know whether you will only need one visit, let alone a one-day visit, to thoroughly walk and see Liberec and its surroundings. There are so many sights in the city. With a longer stay, you will definitely not go crazy.

Why come here?

• There are many perfectly groomed cross-country trails and ski slopes around the city.

• In the city you will also find an extensive social and entertainment complex Centrum Babylon, which is located in the former factory. It's such a city within a city. Here you will find an extensive water world - swimming pools, water slides, slides, caves, saunas, whirlpools, massages, spas, discos, a casino, as well as an IQ park, cafes, wine bars, shops and restaurants.

• A unique transmitter building on the top of Ještěd rises above the town. It is a very typical landmark of Liberec and the whole area. You can get to the top by cable car.

• Café Pošta is a magical place, one of the pearls on Dr. E. Beneš, which has been preserved in the original Viennese Neo-Rococo style. Therefore, you can enjoy beautiful ceramic tiles, gilded stucco and beautiful mirrors. All this together creates a unique, unforgettable atmosphere in the spirit of the end of the 19th century.

• The Liberec Zoological and Botanical Gardens are definitely worth mentioning.

• Wallenstein houses, which are the oldest preserved town houses from the middle of the 17th century. You can find them at Sokolovské náměstí.

• The North Bohemian Museum in Liberec is the oldest museum of arts and crafts in the Czech Republic, opened to the public in 1873.

• Although the interiors of the Liberec chateau have not been preserved, inside is one of the world's largest exhibits of glass and sample books of glass products.

• The town hall is also a unique monument in Liberec. The Rathaus stands on Dr. E. Beneš and belongs to the typical landmarks of the town from 1893.

Author: Adriana Dosedělová