Železný Brod

At the entrance to Železný Brod you will be really pleasantly surprised, a really beautiful town. The surroundings of the city are mountainous and beautifully green. In summer it is beautiful here, but in winter there must be snowdrifts ...

Information for visitors

Adress: nám. 3. května, Železný Brod
GPS: 50.64274000, 15.25407750
Železný Brod map

Interesting facts Železný Brod

The town is located in the valley of the river Jizera on the border of three localities - the Bohemian Paradise, the Jizera Mountains and the Giant Mountains.

The city over the centuries

People lived in the local settlement as early as the 11th century. It was a good strategic place, as in these places traders waded through the river and continued from there to Germany, Poland or Prague. The town was founded by Přemysl Otakar II in the 13th century and despite the fact that the town was burned down by Lusatian troops in the 15th century, it did not disappear. 50 years later, another king, Vladislav II, was responsible for its restoration. Jagiellonian.

Železný Brod lived not only from trade, but also from the extraction of wood and iron ore. And here we come across why the town is called Železný Brod, because it was built at the ford and iron ore was mined here.

The city has had a significant position in history. In the 17th century, Brod even had the right to hold fairs, which made it a very important economic center of the whole foothills.

However, the real development of Železný Brod did not occur until the arrival of the textile factory, glass production and grinding. This happened in the second half of the 19th century. With glassmaking, a glassmaking school also appeared here, and Železný Brod thus became a city of glass and jewelery known all over the world.

What to visit in Železný Brod?

The Che Atelier by David Szalay, the Municipal Museum, the Small Hydroelectric Power Plant, the Klemencovsko (the building of the town savings bank standing on the square - it is a timbered building), the bell tower and the Běliště (one of the most beautiful log cabins in the city, which is an example of typical Pojizerská architecture) are definitely worth a visit. ). During the year, there are a number of exhibitions, fairs and events associated not only with glassmaking and jewelry production.