Sedmihorky - spa

Sedmihorky can be found about half a kilometer from Karlovice, under which, due to its size (or rather smallness), they fall. You may be surprised, but even though the local spa is one of the oldest in Bohemia, until 1966 Sedmihorky was a dozen Nova Ves.

Information for visitors

Adress: Lázně Sedmihorky, Karlovice
GPS: 50.55297080, 15.19612080
Sedmihorky - spa map

Interesting facts Sedmihorky - spa

The local spa was created with the help of Dr. Nobility, who was an enthusiastic supporter of the hydrotherapy methods of Vincent Priessnitz. The local springs, with an average temperature of 8.5 degrees Celsius, seemed ideal to him. And so it was. Very quickly, the spa gained popularity. Not only the Czech nobility, but also the Austrian monarchy came here to relax, and there were also guests from Russia, Germany, Turkey and Sweden. Jan Neruda, Eliška Krásnohorská, Otýlie Sklenárová - Malá, Marie Hübnerová, J. Bittner with his wife Maria and others also loved the Sedmihorky.

Musculoskeletal diseases, heart disease, anemia, hysteria, pregnancy, alcoholism, obesity, asthma, syphilis, nervous diseases and urinary tract diseases were treated in the Sedmihorky spa.

A total of 10 springs flow from behind the seven local peaks (which may be the name of today's Sedmihorek):

• The oldest is a very strong spring Sedmihorka, or also the spring Alois.
• Opposite it was Hermína's spring (later renamed Hus's), which unfortunately has not been preserved.
• Further along the road you will find Barboř's spring and near it Antonín's spring.
• Behind them are the springs of Felix and Joseph.
• Another spring of Vilém Vojtěch was renamed in 1928 to Kořenský's spring. A short distance away is the source of Kořenský II.
• At Smíchouz's pond you will find Zdeněk's spring.
• You will find Jánský pramen directly in the spa colonnade.
• A small monument with running water, called Elizabeth's Well, was placed by the road below the old spa house. This water is rich in iron.

The local place to this day is one of the most popular tourists from around the world. There are many hiking trails. Near the spa you will find several ponds suitable for swimming, as well as one of the best campsites in the Czech Republic. Sedmihorky offers all visitors quality accommodation, the possibility of relaxation, good food and rest.

Author: Adriana Dosedělová