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Do you know where the cleanest air in the whole of Central Europe is, according to measurements? The place is the Karlova Studánka spa, where you can really breathe out of your lungs. People with respiratory diseases are the most common patients to whom these spas help with treatment.

Information for visitors

Adress: Parking - Bila Opava, Karlova Studánka
GPS: 50.07313830, 17.30617310
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Interesting facts Karlova Studánka - spa

Karlova Studánka is the second smallest village in the Czech Republic with an area of ​​only 46 ha. You can find it in the Jeseníky Mountains, on the eastern side of their highest mountain Praděd. The village lies at an altitude of 800 m.n.m. and the very top of Praděd is really a short walk away. The valley in which Karlova Studánka lies is formed by the mountain river Bílá Opava, flowing through the surrounding forests. It creates beautiful scenery here as well as waterfalls, around which the Bílá Opava nature trail leads. It undulates the landscape from the spa towards Praděd and you will walk along it to the famous Barborka cottage. It is the mountain stream and the surrounding dense forests far from the sources of pollution that are responsible for the local clean air and healing climate.

Mentions of the settlement in these places are known from the middle of the 16th century, but the spa as such was founded in 1785. The youngest son of Maria Theresa, Maximilian II, was responsible for this. František, who had the whole area explored and in 1780 the first healing spring was discovered. It is still named after Maximilian. In 1802, a second spring was discovered, which was called Karlův, after the name of his grandson Maria Theresa. A year later, the entire spa was named after him. During the 19th century, most of the buildings that were still here were built. The core of the city's monument zone therefore consists of wooden spa houses in the Classicist Empire style, which give this place its typical character.

The number of healing springs has increased over time to eight, you can taste some of them in the Drinking Pavilion or in the Libuše House. Others are used for baths and other therapies. Their mineral water has a high content of carbonic acid due to peatlands. In addition to the already mentioned diseases of the respiratory tract, it also helps patients after oncological treatment or, for example, with problems with the musculoskeletal system.

However, Karlova Studánka is not only a spa, but also a relatively popular winter mountain. In winter there are excellent snow conditions and there are many ski lifts and cross-country trails nearby. Even fans of mountain biking are popular with this place. The location of the Karlova Studánka spa in the middle of the Jeseníky Protected Landscape Area simply offers ideal conditions for tourism, thanks to which everyone can do their thing here.

Author: Martina Limbergová