Havířov is the youngest town in the Czech Republic, which was established as a necessary need related to the industrial development of the Ostrava region. Originally, it was only a new suburb of Ostrava, which was to satisfy the accommodation needs of local workers. Plans began in 1947, but the city was not officially founded until 1955 on the basis of a resolution of the Czechoslovak government.

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GPS: 49.78009530, 18.43012390
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However, the actual construction of the city began much earlier. In 1950, the construction of the Korčagin mining school (today's Magistrát) began. And already in 1952 there was a wooden multi-purpose house, where a theater and a cinema were played. Since 1953, there has been a library in operation and there have been 1,715 flats. In 1956, the first Na Nábřeží Primary School was opened here, and a year later the town already had 23,000 inhabitants, its own newspaper "Hlasy Havířovska" and even Spořitelna operated here. Fortunately, the modern city, which could have been called Bezručov, Gottvaldov, Čurdov, Faratín, Všemírov or even more sly, finally became Havířov.

Today, it boasts interesting architecture, great greenery, playgrounds, statues and many well-known contemporary personalities who have either been born or at least passed through the city. These are, for example, Radka Kocurová, Simona Krainová, Eva Vejmělková, Michal Kostovčík, Bronislav Poloczek (from the now independent Horní Suchá) and other personalities.

Havířov attracts tourists not only for its architecture, cultural events and swimming pool, but also became part of the Těrlická and Žermanická dams Microregions, both of which are located just outside the city. Těrlicko can be found in the village adjacent to Havířov. Těrlicko and Žermanice are located a little further, 6 kilometers towards Frýdek - Místek. And because Havířov is located in the valley below the Beskydy Mountains, it is not far from here to the mountain and ski resorts.