Tetín u Berouna

Tetín is one of the oldest villages in Bohemia. According to legend, it was supposed to be the seat of Kroka's daughter Aunt. The oldest finds from the cadastre of the village come from the Paleolithic. We also know for sure that there used to be a Slavic fort. In the second half of the 10th century there was a princely court, where St. Ludmila, grandmother of St. Wenceslas. She was also murdered here at the behest of her daughter-in-law, Václav's mother.

Information for visitors

Adress: Župní, Tetín u Berouna
GPS: 49.94866810, 14.10187560
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Interesting facts Tetín u Berouna

You can find Tetín east of Beroun. Local signs will take you to the church of St. Ludmila. Adjacent to it is the Romanesque church of St. Catherine of Alexandria. Near both churches is the oldest Tetín church of St. Jan Nepomucký. He allegedly stands at the place where St. Ludmila died.

If you are interested in Tetin's history, you can visit a small museum near the churches. You certainly won't miss the large, carefully restored building by the main road. It is a former chateau of the Vojáček family, where guests J. Jungmann, F. L. Čelakovský and other personalities of the revival movement used to live. Today, the castle is privately owned.

Local markings will take you to the torso of the castle. It has stood here since the middle of the 13th century. It was destroyed during the Hussite wars. Today you can admire the beauty of Berounka and the Tetínské skály nature reserve from this place. The Koda National Nature Park is also nearby. It is the cradle of tramping, one of the oldest tramp settlements was established here - Valley of Terror.

Tetín and its surroundings are marked not only by history, adventure and poetic panoramas. He is also surrounded by myths, legends and mysterious stories. Many of them were compiled in his chronicle, completed in 1539, by Václav Hájek of Libočany. He worked at Tetín for several years as a pastor and at that time he wrote this most famous work of his. Damil Hill, which is the guardian of Tetín, is also one of the legends. It is said that a golden calf is hidden in it and that anyone who comes for it at Easter can get it.

So come and try your luck. But you can also discover other treasures here. There are plenty of them in the area - Koněpruské Caves, Bubovice Waterfalls, St. Jan pod skalou, Karlštejn and others.

Author: Ivana Dondová