The village of Zlonice, founded in the 9th century, has a special charm if you can watch. Especially if you are an admirer of old architecture, patinated over time. If you decide to discover the beauty and attractions of this Central Bohemian village, located near the town of Slaný, be sure to set aside more time and walk through its streets.

Information for visitors

Adress: , Zlonice
GPS: 50.28592110, 14.09176080
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Interesting facts Zlonice

You can start your visit by stopping at the Antonín Dvořák Memorial. It is located in the hospital building, which was built by Count Kinský "so that 6 men and 6 women can be provided here". In addition to the Baroque ground-floor building, there is also a former organ shop, where the butcher's apprentice Antonín Dvořák, led by the cantor and organist Liehmann, developed his talent.
Nearby is the building of the old school, in the benches of which sat many talented students, later famous especially in the world of music. Eduard Ingriš, a composer, photographer and traveler, is also a native of Zlonice. He is also the author of the song Teskně hučí Niagára.

Below the school is not to be missed the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, which resonated with the tones of Dvořák's singing and music. The sanctuary is also used as a concert hall. In front of the church was to stand a statue of St. Onufria, however, eventually guards the village from the horizon in the middle of the fields. It was dried up before 1726 by Matthias Braun.

Do not miss the meeting with this saint, you will be surprised not only by the unusual, yet impressive location, but also by the appearance of a holy man. You will find it at the end of the village on the left side, in the direction of Břešťany, behind the tracks, about 1 km from the main road. In the same direction, for a change, turn right, the dirt road to the Jewish cemetery. The thoughtful and reverent atmosphere of this place will surely make you think and calm down.

If you have had enough of the faded beauty of the Zlon buildings, remembering the evidently prosperous burgher life, you can drive about 2 km to the village of Lisovice. There is a smaller railway museum, which originally used to be in Zlonice.