Southeast of Kutná Hora lies Čáslav, initially a mining town, situated on the Haberská trade route, leading from Bohemia to Moravia. Today, we can find a number of important monuments in it, and the surroundings of the city cannot be overlooked.

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Adress: nám. Jana Žižky z Trocnova, Čáslav
GPS: 49.91093030, 15.38993420
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The town of Čáslav was founded by Přemysl Otakar II. around the middle of the 13th century, while the Gothic division with a large square and a rectangular network of streets have been preserved to this day. The town was founded near the Romanesque Hrádek, where the castle used to be inhabited by German knights.

The whole area of ​​the city was then surrounded by walls, which have been preserved in Čáslav to this day, and which can be considered unique. In most cities, the fortifications have not been preserved at all or at least not to such an extent and quality. Within the walls, Otakar's bastion has also been preserved to this day, which is now open to the public.

In addition, the construction of the parish church of St. began in the 13th century. Peter and Paul. Since 2007, its tower has been open to the public, giving the town of Čáslav a lookout tower, from which there is a wonderful view of the whole town and its surroundings.

The center of the town is the square of Jan Žižka from Trocnov, whose dominant feature is the town hall, which today houses the remains of Jan Žižka and exhibits related to his time and life. There is also a Marian column from the middle of the 18th century on the square and, of course, a statue of Jan Žižka from Trocnov by Josef Václav Myslbek.

Of the church buildings in Čáslav, one of the most important (apart from the aforementioned Church of St. Peter and Paul) is also the Evangelical Church, designed by František Schmoranz st. or the church of St. Elizabeth or the Jewish synagogue.

Let us also mention the Dusík Theater, which was inaugurated in 1869 and whose foyer is currently used to hold art exhibitions.

A visit to the Čáslav City Museum is certainly an experience. We can find it in the oldest rural building in the Czech Republic, designed for just this purpose. The original exposition was installed here after 1884, when the museum was built and currently there are zoological, archaeological - historical or ethnographic expositions.

In the vicinity of Čáslav it is possible to visit the Kačina chateau, Žleby or the chateau complex in Filipov.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová