The lowest town in the Czech Republic is located in the Ústí nad Labem Region at an altitude of 135 meters, at the confluence of the Ploučnice and Elbe rivers. It is one of the ten largest cities in our republic and currently has around 53,000 inhabitants. Thanks to its relative proximity to the Ore Mountains, the Bohemian Central Mountains or the Lusatian Mountains, it is a great base for trips to the surrounding area and, of course, the city itself is a tourist attraction, just because it is located in one of the largest canyons in Europe.

Information for visitors

Adress: P. Holého, Děčín
GPS: 50.78207330, 14.21472220
Děčín map

Interesting facts Děčín

History of the town

Historical sources mention this place for the first time in connection with the year 993. At that time, Děčín is described as a place near an important trade route and strategic point. In the 13th century, it became a royal city and a castle was built here, whose function was to meet the defense criteria.

During the 14th century, when it was owned by the Vartenberk family, the south of Děčín was hit by several devastating floods, which was the impetus for the city center to move further north. It was then located approximately in the area of ​​today's Masaryk Square.

During the Hussite wars, Děčín was hit by a fire several times, which dealt really hard blows to the town. The situation only improved when the Salhausen became the owners of the town, who began to rebuild the castle into a chateau, and during which trade and crafts flourished in the town.

However, the favorable period was interrupted by the Thirty Years' War. Děčín underwent re-Catholicization and its new owner became Kryštof Šimon from Thun, until 1918.

Děčín did not turn around for the better until the 18th century, and during the 19th century, specifically on April 8, 1851, a railway line leading from Prague to Dresden was introduced in Děčín. Děčín has since been an important railway junction and industrial center.

Under the previous regime, the city continued to grow and in 1960 became a district city.

Sights and interesting places

Due to its location, Děčín is a great base for organizing trips to the surroundings. For example, Děčínský Sněžník with a lookout tower or the ZOO are worth a walk.

One of the biggest attractions of the city is the local castle, but also the Shepherd's Wall, from where there is an impressive view. Of the church buildings, we should definitely mention the church of St. Crosses or synagogue.

In the vicinity of Děčín you can also visit the lookout tower on Velký chlum.