Úštěk - bird houses

Perhaps few tourists know about its beauty. This is one of the smallest urban conservation areas in the Czech Republic and a small town, located right in the middle of the road from Česká Lípa to Litoměřice. Its name is Úštěk and it is located in a relatively difficult terrain, which gave rise to local attractions: bird houses.

Information for visitors

Adress: 1. máje 30, Úštěk
GPS: 50.58393670, 14.33625940
Úštěk - bird houses map

Interesting facts Úštěk - bird houses

Road to the square

The city breathes history not only in its center and by wedging into a sandstone block it has gained an interesting form. Already at the outskirts of the city you will come across houses looking as if they were part of a smaller village and as soon as you pass them, the road will lead you to the local square, located on the highest part of Úštěk.

Squares and Birdhouses

The square is usually immersed in a peaceful atmosphere and attracts tourists mainly with a number of impressively decorated houses and the local landmark, the Church of St. Peter and Paul. A few hundred meters away you will come across the Jewish synagogue and from it it is a stone's throw to the aforementioned Bird Houses.

From the front, the Bird Houses have a fairly ordinary look. It gives the impression of several lower houses with a classic facade. However, you will see the real spell if you go around them and look at them from below. At that moment, their wooden outbuildings will remind you perfectly of small bird nests. At the back, the houses have more floors, which makes it all the more strange.

Bird houses in Úštěk were built in the 19th century.

It is most beautiful here in summer

You can, of course, go to Úštěk behind the Bird Houses throughout the year. It does not lose its charm in any season! However, in the summer you will find many exhibitions, events, markets and historical fairs.

Úštěk is an extremely picturesque place where two well-known films were shot: Kolja and the musical Rebels.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová