Approximately 15 km in the direction north of Ústí nad Labem lies Teplice, occupying a position between the Ore Mountains and the Bohemian Central Mountains. Every year, many tourists and visitors are attracted to Teplice, especially by the local spa, which is the most important phenomenon for the city. In addition to the spa, there are a number of sights and especially the possibility of a trip around the city.

Information for visitors

Adress: Alejní, Teplice
GPS: 50.64055390, 13.82420170
Teplice map

Interesting facts Teplice

History of the town

The area of ​​today's Teplice was inhabited more than 40,000 years ago, and in 762 Václav Hájek from Libočany wrote a legend in which he mentions thermal springs. However, they have not been really talked about since 1057. Historical sources do not mention Teplice until the beginning of the 13th century, specifically Jarloch's chronicle. The town and its origin are closely connected with the Teplice monastery, which was founded in the 12th century.

At the beginning of the modern age, the local monastery was rebuilt into a chateau and spas began to develop significantly. The owners of the local estate also began to change quite often, and during the Thirty Years' War the town was burned and looted several times.

The overall restoration did not occur until after the Thirty Years' War, when many craftsmen came here and the economic prosperity of the city was on the rise. The population of Teplice also grew, a large percentage of whom were Germans who lived here until the end of World War II, when they were expelled.

At the end of the 17th century, historical sources mention the lists of spa guests for the first time, and a century later the industry developed significantly here and brown coal mines were also established.

In 1793, the town was hit by a fire, after which the town underwent new construction in the Classicist style. Thanks to the local spa, many important personalities visited Teplice, such as Ludwig van Beethoven or Johann Goethe and others. Even before the beginning of World War II, Teplice was part of the Sudetenland.

Sights and interesting places

In Teplice we can find a number of interesting places and monuments, of which we mention in particular the Church of St. John the Baptist from 1585 or the Church of the Exaltation of St. Crosses or the church of Prokop Holý.

In the city we also find a castle, which has the form of a three-winged building, and which was modified during the 19th century.

Due to the general fame, visitors to Teplice must not miss any of the spa facilities. There is also an observatory or botanical garden and in the vicinity of Doubravská mountain - castle ruins.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová