Luhačovice - spa town

Luhačovice is the largest spa in Moravia and the fourth largest in the Czech Republic. It lies in the southeast of Moravia, in the picturesque landscape of the White Carpathians. The first written mention of the local settlement comes from the beginning of the 15th century, but the Slavic settlement took place here several centuries earlier. The healing springs have also flowed here since time immemorial and attracted with their bubbling and a special salty taste. People soon noticed their healing effects as well. In the second half of the 17th century, the first springs were captured and they became known as "Luhačovice water". Today, 17 of these springs are known, six of which are used for drinking bark, most others are used in therapeutic baths, but some have disappeared. The most famous spring is Vincentka, which is also bottled and you can buy it in pharmacies or some shops throughout the country. Others are Ottovka, Aloiska, Pramen Dr. Šťastný, Spring of St. Josef and relatively new Viola.

Information for visitors

Adress: Dr. Veselého, Luhačovice
GPS: 49.10002500, 17.75696140
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Interesting facts Luhačovice - spa town

Slovak architect Dušan Jurkovič made a significant contribution to the architectural form of the spa. He originally built 12 buildings, but unfortunately some were not completed or were even demolished, 8 of them have been preserved. His unmistakable style can still be seen beautifully in Jurkovič's house right next to the colonnade, which is one of the most beautiful spa buildings. He also worked at the Jestřabí villa at the end of the spa park, Chaloupka, the Hydrotherapy Institute or Sluneční lázně. Two of his houses also stand in the Prague district, on a hill behind the spa park. The spa park is such a small oasis of peace and beautiful nature, it offers sitting in the shade of trees, romantic gazebos and the roar of the Luhačovice stream that flows here.

Many hiking trails of varying length and difficulty lead through the spa and the surrounding hills. One of them also leads from the colonnade to the Luhačovice dam 3 km away (it is also called Pozlovická). This is a popular place not only for walks, but also for swimming and sports in summer.

In the city you will find everything you need from restaurants and bars to various shops, so you will not miss anything.
Luhačovice Spa is one of the most magical. Colonnade with a beautiful park, a small town offering everything you need for peace and fun, a great location in a valley between the slopes of densely covered forests, famous healing springs and much more, it's right for a pleasant holiday or at least a trip. You will surely fall in love with Luhačovice on your first visit.

Author: Martina Limbergová