The area on both banks of the Dřevnice River, on the border of the Hostýn Hills and the Zlín Highlands, lies Zlín, the center of the Zlín Region and a town with 80,000 inhabitants. Thanks to its development and construction, Zlín is one of the unique examples of urbanism in the 20th century.

Information for visitors

Adress: tř. Tomáše Bati, Zlín
GPS: 49.22661690, 17.66670690
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Interesting facts Zlín

History of the town

The first mention of the craft center, Zlín, dates back to 1322, when the owners of the manor lived in the town and its development was rather peaceful. It can be said that until the end of the 19th century, compared to the surrounding Wallachian villages, Zlín did not deviate significantly, but a significant turning point was the industrial revolution, specifically the year 1894, when the famous shoe company was founded in Zlín by the Baťa siblings.

Their company developed very quickly and soon more and more workers were needed, and with that the need for new construction arose. The railway between Otrokovice, Vizovice and Zlín was completed, rubber factories, engineering works and other other branches of industry were established. As a result, the population of Zlín increased sharply, up to ten times. From the original 3,600 inhabitants, their number increased to 38,000 between 1910 and 1938.

Tomáš Baťa became the mayor of the village, who is also the initiator of a significant change in the city of Zlín. Thanks to him, it became a modern city center, setting the pace of life, even after Tomáš Baťa tragically died in 1932.

The negative turning point was brought by the Second World War and the subsequent onset of communism on the political scene, which meant the end for the business family in Zlín. The shoe factories were nationalized and continued to operate under the name Svit. During this era, the city was called Gottwald.

However, Zlín continued to maintain the status of an industrial center, and in 1989 the name was changed to the original Zlín. The Tomas Bata University was founded in 2000, and Zlín thus became not only the center of industry, but also of education.

Sights and interesting places

The biggest attraction of the city of Zlín is undoubtedly the city monument zone of modern architecture, including the town hall, Zlín skyscraper with a total height of 77.5 m, Tomas Bata villas or Trantírek's house.

However, historical monuments are also worth a visit, of which the most famous is the local Empire and Classicist chateau, which can be found in the city center in the middle of the park. It is definitely worth mentioning the church of St. Filip and Jakub or the Shoe Museum.

In the vicinity of Zlín, the Lešná chateau or the ZOO is an attraction.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová