ZOO Olomouc

Olomouc is a beautiful city, has a nice center, the Holy Trinity Column and offers a variety of leisure activities. If you have arrived with children, they will definitely like the Olomouc Zoo on Svatý kopeček.

Information for visitors

Adress: Darwinova 222/29, Olomouc
GPS: 49.63338750, 17.34316860
ZOO Olomouc map

Interesting facts ZOO Olomouc

It is unique in its location, it lies in dense coniferous forests below the Nízký Jeseník mountain range and its area is one of the largest in the Czech Republic. It covers a total area of ​​42.5 hectares and you will find 1,700 animals from 340 animal species.

In five pavilions we offer you the opportunity to tour all rare animals - sea aquariums with coral reefs, colorful fish and other sea animals, unusual experiences are offered by the pavilion of bats with free-flying rare goldfish, as well as a common enclosure for Arctic wolves and baribal bears or two giant aviaries. with a specific construction, which are home to many species of birds. And more and more interesting paddocks and exhibitions.

If you fancy, you can also experience an adventurous journey by train directly between the animals in the first part of the Safari - the so-called Eurasia.

As the only one in the Czech Republic, the Olomouc Zoo boasts a 32-meter high observation tower, from which you can see the St. Kopec Basilica. You will have the regional city of Olomouc in the palm of your hand, and in good weather you will also be able to see the highest mountain of the Jeseníky Mountains - Praděd.

We are open every day and all year round.