Výlety zOO South Moravia

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ZOO Hodonín

The Hodonín Zoo complex is located on the northwestern outskirts of the city in the Bažantnice district, near the road from Břeclav to Uherské Hradiště. It lies outside the city center, at the beginning of floodplain forests…

Zoo Park Vyškov

The zoo in Vyškov was established in 1965 as a small zoo-corner focused on the breeding of small domestic and wild animals. Due to the difficult time, when it was not possible to travel freely and thus obtain animals from foreign countries, the…

ZOO Zlín Lešná

The zoo in Zlín-Lešná is the second most visited garden in the Czech Republic, almost half a million people pass through its gates every year. And each of them certainly remembers their trip well, because there is really something to…