Barrandov Bridge Prague

The Barrandov Bridge is now an absolutely indispensable traffic structure for Prague. It is an integral part of the expressway known as the South Link, which connects the D1 Prague - Brno and D5 Prague - Pilsen motorways. In the territory of Prague, it is the largest bridge construction ever and its parameters are definitely worth mentioning: it occupies a total of 33,000 m2 with a bridgehead, its width reaches up to 50 m in some places and the total length of the bridge is 350.66 m.

Information for visitors

Adress: Barrandovský most, Praha
GPS: 50.03909640, 14.40711140
Barrandov Bridge Prague map

Interesting facts Barrandov Bridge Prague

The common pillars carry two separate structures, each with four lanes and sidewalks. Ramps form separate bridge structures.

The authors of the architectural solution are Ing. arch. Karel Filsak and Ing. akad. arch. Karel Filsak Jr. The chief designer was Ing. Jiří Hejnic and chief engineer Ing. Pavel Tripal.

The Barrandov Bridge spans the Vltava at an angle of about fifteen meters above the river. Although the landscape on both banks is quite different, the Barrandov Bridge fits into the overall character of the surroundings. The Branice foreland is mainly horizontal, while the Smíchov side is clearly dominated by the Barrandov massif. The current form of the bridge is up to the 13th variant, which was designed.

Work on the bridgehead began during May 1978 and the first part was put into operation on September 20, 1983, and only for cars. The ceremonial opening of the bridge took place on November 3, 1988, when the bridge was also opened to pedestrians and including access ramps.

Originally, this bridge, which significantly facilitated car traffic in Prague, was named after Antonín Zápotocký, the former president of the Czechoslovak Republic. It got its current name only together with the change of political conditions.


Author: Andrea Štyndlová