Borůvková hora near Javorník

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Adress: Horní Hoštice 80, Javorník
GPS: 50.39063500, 16.90263300
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Interesting facts Borůvková hora near Javorník

At an altitude of 898 meters, on the border Blueberry Mountain near Javorník, you would find an iron lookout tower with wooden cladding. Borůvková hora is located about 10 km west of Javorník and about 40 km northwest of Jeseník. It was officially opened to tourists on October 7, 2006.

A total of 155 steps lead to the observation platform at a height of 24 meters. The total height of the lookout tower is 26.1 meters. From the tower you can see the Rychlebské Mountains, the Giant Mountains, the Eagle Mountains, Králický Sněžník, Praděd and the Jeseníky Mountains. The Kladsko lowland in neighboring Poland can also be seen nicely.

The lookout tower can be reached on foot from several places that are marked with tourist signs. E.g. from Javorník and the grass there is a green and blue tourist sign. From Bílá voda you have to follow the red tourist sign and the road is about 7 km long. You can also come here from Poland.

If you travel by car, it is possible to park it closest in Travná, for example at the old customs house. From here, the path leads through the forest to the "Nad Travnou" signpost. From there, a blue tourist sign leads to the "Borůvková hora" signpost. Then follow the red road to the top to the lookout tower.

The lookout tower is open daily all year round without restrictions. Under the lookout tower there is a kiosk, which is open daily from June to the end of August. In May, September and October, however, it is only open on weekends.

The lookout tower on Blueberry Mountain in the Rychlebské Mountains has a quite rich history. It is located almost on the border with Poland and the first lookout tower stood here in the 1970s. The lookout tower had a wooden structure and was not very durable. She soon collapsed.

The second lookout tower was created here on the initiative of the Kladsko Tourist Association, the municipality of Landek and the Moravian-Silesian Tourist Association. This construction was also made of wood. After ten years of using the lookout tower, the wooden stairs collapsed, at a time when there were two tourists. Both were seriously injured and demanded compensation, which cost the association a fairly large sum. However, the structure was already rotten, especially from the rains.

The third tower was built here in 1908 by Polish tourists from Landek. The viewing platform was located at a height of 21 meters, the project was developed by Ing. Utner. However, even she could not resist the scourging of heavy rain and after fourteen years of use she could no longer fulfill her function.

Considerations about the construction of another lookout tower took place in the 1930s. However, they were not filled and only a tourist cottage was built here, which was put into operation on May 29, 1930. However, this cottage disappeared immediately after the Second World War.

In 1998, the town of Javorník in particular sought a new lookout tower. The twenty-five-meter-high lookout tower began to be built on the foundations of the former cottage in the period from April to September 2006. The original project included a lookout tower with a blueberry-shaped floor plan, which was to have a highly practical use. The imaginary leaf was to be turned so that it withstands gusts of wind and rain well. However, this construction was too complex, so it never came to fruition.

In the end, he won the classic cylindrical shape. The lookout tower has a metal structure and wooden cladding. It was opened to tourists on October 7, 2006.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová