Approximately 20 km from Pardubice lies the district town of Chrudim, which is currently home to more than 24,000 inhabitants. It is often nicknamed the "Athens of Eastern Bohemia" and boasts a number of interesting places, monuments and the city's monument zone.

Information for visitors

Adress: Žižkovo nám., Chrudim
GPS: 49.95125420, 15.79521470
Chrudim map

Interesting facts Chrudim

History of the town

The settlement of the area around Chrudim is documented on the basis of archaeological excavations as early as 6-7 thousand years ago, on a nearby hill called Pumberky. The Slavs took care of further settlement only in the 7th to 8th centuries, and between 995 and 1055 a Přemyslid fort was built here.

Historical written sources mention Chrudim for the first time in connection with the year 1055. In 1263, the original fortified settlement was Přemysl Otakar II. promoted to a city.

Beginning in 1307, Chrudim was one of the royal dowry towns, which belonged to the wives of Czech kings and generated income. Due to her affection for Friedrich of Palatinate, Chrudim was punished in 1620 and the rise of its importance did not occur until the end

Sights and interesting places

Right on Chrudim Square we find one of the local church monuments, the Archdeacon's Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. In addition to him, the church of St. Michael or the church of St. Catherine.

There are also three large museums in Chrudim. In addition to the Regional Museum is the Museum of Baroque Sculptures, located in the Church of St. Josefa, last but not least, the Museum of Puppet Cultures, which is a great tip for a trip with children, who can also play with selected exhibits here.

In addition, we must not forget the Wiesner House, the birth house of Josef Ressl, the Mydlářovský House or the picturesque U vodárny square. A torso of the fortifications from the middle of the 14th century has also been preserved in the town to this day, and a representative of modern architecture is, for example, Kotěra's villa.

Author: Andrea Štyndlová