Výlety castles and palaces Trutnov


Surely you like to visit Kuks. The original owner of the Kuks chateau was Count František Antonín Špork. The chateau building was founded in 1710 - during the reconstruction of a wooden spa building in the Kuk complex. The castle…

Vízmburk (castle)

Vízmburk Castle near Rtyně in the Krkonoše Mountains was built sometime during the 13th century. It was either founded by Tas, a prominent nobleman who even held the mayoral office somewhere in Poland during the reign of Wroclaw II, or it…

Vrchlabi Chateau

Right in the heart of the town of Vrchlabí, near the square, we find a charming Renaissance chateau, set in the chateau park, adorned with artificial lakes. It is undoubtedly worth mentioning not only its history and architecture, but also the fact…