Výlety castles and palaces Bohemian Paradise

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Hrubá Skála Castle

Just a few kilometers from Turnov, high on a sandstone rock, we find the romantic Hrubá Skála chateau, which definitely rightly served as a backdrop for the filming of a number of fairy tales. Visitors can see the courtyard and the…

Humprecht (chateau)

Enjoy with us the absolutely unmistakable, Italian-inspired hunting lodge, which is one of the symbols of the Bohemian Paradise. Its floor plan has an oval shape, an untraditional ornament shines on the roof - a golden crescent. Humprecht is so different…

Kost Castle

Come with us to the sandstone rocks, where there is a beautiful medieval castle, whose five-storey trapezoidal tower is its symbol. To the impregnable castle Kost.

Trosky Castle

If someone asked you what the symbol of the Bohemian Paradise represents to you, you would surely remember the Trosky Castle. Its very peculiar appearance certainly stuck in the memory of even those who know the castle only from pictures. So why not take…

Valdštejn (castle)

Do you know which monuments in our country belong to the oldest places accessible to the public? They certainly include the oldest castle in the Bohemian Paradise, Wallenstein. You will enjoy a tour of this very well-maintained monument accompanied by…