Výlety castles and palaces Bruntál

Chateau Bruntál

The non-traditional layout of the circular section and the renaissance arcaded courtyard make the Bruntál chateau a special chateau building, unique in this respect in the Czech Republic. In addition, the chateau in Bruntál also served as a…

chateau Krnov

The Moravian-Silesian Region and the Bruntál District - this is exactly where the town of Krnov lies, and almost in its very center is the chateau, forming a complex consisting of several buildings, spread over an almost square floor plan. It is…

Janovice u Rýmařova (chateau)

The original late Gothic fortress was built between 1520 and 1530 by the mortgage lord Petr ze Žerotín. Ferdinand Hoffmann of Grünbüchl, an educated Styrian nobleman, president of the court chamber, courtier, personal friend of Rudolf II,…


Do you want to know a castle that does not bear the name of an aristocratic family, but on the contrary, the aristocratic family was named after it? Then be sure to visit the castle complex Sovinec. The Hrutovic family, who founded the castle in the 14th…