Výlety castles and palaces Kokořínsko

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Castle ruins Jestřebí

Jestřebí used to be a huge castle, built at the end of the 13th century above the Castle Pond by Jindřich Berka of Dubá. Unfortunately, its original form has only been partially preserved to this day. The bedrock under the castle eroded…

chateau Liběchov

For example, go to the Liběchov chateau from the town of Mělník, about six kilometers away. A fortress stood on the site of the chateau in the 14th century. One of the interesting events of Liběchov is the stay of Jan Hus, who left here at the time…

Doksy (chateau)

The town of Doksy is located near the shore of Lake Mácha, in the direction not southeast of Česká Lípa. It is first mentioned in historical sources in connection with the year 1293 and later with the personality of Charles IV, who…

Harasov (castle ruins)

It is also called Krvomlejn and its remains can be found on a promontory near the Harasov pond near the settlement of Harasov on the road between Lhotka near Mělník to Kokořínský Důl.

Houska Castle

Do you like mysteries? Are you attracted by mysterious forces and unexplained phenomena? Then you are in the right place, because Houska Castle is one big mystery. Just the reason for its very existence… it stands in a place that has no strategic…

Kokořín Castle

Come with us northeast of Mělník, where an impregnable castle rises above the river Pšovka in Dokelská pahorkatina.

Rock castle Konrádov

The remains of a rock castle, whose name we do not know, but which is often called the Petrified Castle or Hrad u Konrádova, can be found about 1 km from the village of Konrádov in the Kokořín region and about 4.5 km northwest of M…

Rock castle Staráky u Kokořína

The torso of the Kokořín castle - Staráky - you will find about 1/4 km in the direction east of the village Kokořín. Most likely, the owners of the local estate lived here before the new Kokořín castle was built, which still…

State Castle Bezděz

Bezděz is a ruin of an impregnable castle on the Velký Bezděz hill near Mácha's lake. Our great poet Karel Hynek very much visited Mácha Bezděz and even this romantic ruin became the subject of his work Večer na Bezděz. Bedřich…