Výlety castles and palaces Strakonice

Castle Blatná

If you are one of the enthusiastic fans of Červená Lhota and you can't get enough of the water level, which proudly surrounds the ancient residences of the rulers, go on a trip to the castle Blatná.

Castle Strakonice

Have you visited one of the most famous South Bohemian castles with a fascinating history? If not, do not hesitate and go to Strakonice Castle. You will certainly be satisfied with its visit, even though this monument has undergone several building…

Lnáře (chateau)

Do you like to go to the beautiful landscape of ponds? Walks, evenings by the water and a paradise for fishermen await you. You will certainly find time for historical monuments that are not in short supply in our country. Lnáře Castle is one of…